Unity Certified Developer - Acclaim

Unity Certified Developer This badge was issued to Stephanie Traska on 04 Oct 2017. Expires on 04 Oct 2019. Issued by Unity Technologies.

Earners of the Unity Certified Developer badge have the foundational skills necessary for making a game with Unity, spanning key concepts in both technical art and programming. These earners have the core skills required for successful game design and coding.

Demonstrated Skills in Unity
Animation Asset Management Audio
Editor Interface Game Art Principles Game Design Principles
Industry Awareness Lighting Materials And Effects
Navigation And Pathfinding Physics Programming
Project Management User Interface
Earning Criteria

Complete the Unity Certified Developer Courseware (recommended)
Must pass the Unity Certified Developer Certification Exam


Certification ID 201708UCD2577 - Stephanie Traska

Adobe Generation Professional: Games Design

Certificate in Games Design This badge was issued to Stephanie Traska on 1-18-2016. Issued by Adobe Education Exchange.

This five week course is aimed at introducing the key concepts of Games Design and offers the opportunity to create your first computer game using the latest Adobe Tools. Learn to create characters using Mixamo and Fuse, Adobe’s 3D character creation tools and learn the basics of Unity to develop your game.