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What We Do

Virtual Interactive Design Studios is an indie virtual reality design studio. We view VR as a tool to help break down mental barriers and expand our perception of reality. We believe VR should not be limited to games, and that games should not be limited to violence. Our goal is to build experiences that continue to benefit people long after the headset comes off.

How We Started

We started in 2006 as a hobby and kept growing. From short films to game jams, our experiences and network expanded until finally taking the leap in 2016 and going full-time.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Stephanie Traska, graduated with a BFA specializing in film and video. Primarily self-taught, she learned 3d modeling, animation, Photoshop, and HTML in her free time. Inspired by a SXSW lecture about game jams, she started learning game design using Unity 3D. Once in Austin, she had the opportunity to work with the Oculus DK1, DK2, and Vive Pre before they hit the market and enjoyed collaborating in many VR game jams alongside local industry leaders. Now Unity Certified, she nears completion of two VR projects and looks forward to new opportunities.

She has a lifelong passion for art, psychology, video games, and lucid dreaming. She sees virtual reality as the perfect medium for them all. Her hobbies include meditation, learning, gaming, art, hang gliding, and all the above.

VR Game Jams

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