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What We Take

The website of Virtual Interactive Design Studios stores none of your personal data, but does store web traffic information like your IP address, browser, and screen resolution through Google Analytics. This can be used to create a "fingerprint."

If you make a purchase through a link, that page's Privacy Policy shall apply.

Third Party Trackers

Some links will lead to purchases or downloads which have trackers.

The use of this website will pull fonts and icons from Google and other servers, which can create a "fingerprint" and timestamp.

Can I turn off the trackers?

Turning off javascript will remove some; turning off CSS will remove some more; but you would need a VPN to obfuscate all queries. However, with deliberate focus or AI, VPN use could be back-traced. It's also possible the VPN could be compromised, logging your attempt at obfuscation.

If on mobile, turning off GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi when not needed are good practice, as these data points can be correlated well into the future.

Other Considerations

All data that travels internationally (most) is intercepted and possibly stored by your country and many others. This spying is legal thanks to the Patriot Act and international agreements. Please reach out to your local government if you have a problem with this.

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