Virtual Reality
Game Design

Minigames and Experiences:

VR Game Trancendence

Trancendence Google Cardboard VR

Fall into "trance-ndence" with a combination of focused breathing, binaural beat audio, guided hypnosis, and suggestive game elements that lift you out of your chair, free on Google Cardboard VR! Team Project.

Vek Wars

Vek Wars Standalone Windows PC Option HTC Vive VR Oculus Rift VR Windows Mixed Reality VR

A team of digital archaeologists based in Austin, Texas have resurrected the ancient craft of Vector Art, playable on modern VR systems and non-VR alike! Battle the Xilorian Empire and save the crates! Team Project.

Star FiVR

Star FiVR Standalone Windows PC Option VS HTC Vive VR

It's sometime in the 90's... duel your friends in the ultimate showdown! Strategically shoot creatures at targets towards your opponent's goal as your fans cheer you on. Coming soon! In-House Project.


Chi Me Up

Chi Me Up VR HTC Vive VR

Ever try a guided meditation, but found it hard to visualize? Do you wish it were easy to learn to do at home in less than 5 minutes? Follow with ease and feel revitalized every day! Coming soon. Solo In-House Project.

VR Game Jams

VR Game Jams

Scroll through all of the virtual reality minigames and experiences I worked on using the Unity 3D Game Engine.