Teams of 1 to 10 converge for two full days
to merge their creative powers into one working demo.
Here are my highlights:

Musical Migration VR

Musical Migration VR

Three alien planets live in segregation. Meddle and fix this atrocity! As you work to impose harmony on the needy, some get along better than others - you'll know as the music becomes disharmonious. Team Project. Not yet released.

VR Game Trancendence


Fall into "trance-ndence" with a combination of focused breathing, binaural beat audio, guided hypnosis, and suggestive game elements that lift you out of your chair with Cardboard VR. Team Project continued for 1yr after jam.

Chi Me Up

Chi Me Up VR

Ever been curious about Eastern medicine? Do you wish it were easy to learn and do at home in less than 5 minutes? Learn how to feel energy quickly, instead of the 20 years meditators traditionally take. Solo Project started at the Leap Motion Game Jam and continued, ongoing.

VR Game VR Beer Pong

VR Beer Pong

Use the rediculously precise laser tracking system of the HTC Vive to faithfully recreate this classic game. You begin in the stereotypical dorm room, quickly advancing to levels that take advantage of the Vive's realism, like a broken bridge over a deep canyon. Team Project.

VR Game VRitual Failure

VRitual Failure

Complete a "simple" magic ritual from the spell book you found in a mysterious forest PERFECTLY, or something bad may happen... using the HTC Vive Pre! It's a compelling allegory to the ritual beta-testing found in every game jam. Team Project. WIP

Prison Break VR

Prison Break VR

Fight claustrophobia as you break out of prison in pre-dug tunnels that are slowly caving in from the bad weather. Oh, and the guards are chasing you too. Solo Project with lots of code support by the brilliant Pete Moss at Unity and Neal Nellans. WIP